Architects against wars

Director for Architecture and Development of AFUR and head of the disciplinary commission of the Architectural Chamber of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine Kateryna Romanenko presented an interview in the architectural almanac “Pragmatika” as part of the project “Architects against war”. This is a series of publications about real heroes: before the war they were architects, urbanists, designers, decorators, artists, and in the new reality – military men, volunteers, public figures.

From the first days of the full-scale invasion, Kateryna took the path of an expat who, despite her location, remains faithful to her profession and useful to her country.

Since 2023, Kateryna has been working as part of the Ukrainian team of the American Fund for Ukraine Reconstruction (AFUR), a non-profit organization responsible for raising funds for the implementation of architectural, engineering, and construction projects to restore real estate damaged due to Russian armed aggression. Ukrainian AFUR experts are involved in major renovations of buildings throughout Ukraine to accommodate and provide new housing for internally displaced persons in the development of destroyed reconstruction concepts. The foundation is focused on helping rebuild Ukraine, not by building anything new, but by restoring what was old that was minimally damaged by the fighting. In addition to architectural initiatives, specialists are actively working to identify priority projects for the Fund’s support in the public and private sectors, their coordination with authorities and end users, support of project management, etc.

“The volunteer work that I do with the team of the American Fund for the Restoration of Ukraine ( is now one of the most pressing tasks in my work schedule, which requires attention and participation. Together we are raising international funds and restoring housing for internally displaced residents of Mariupol.”