AFUR participates in the restoration of temporary residence dormitories for refugees from Mariupol

AFUR participates in the restoration of temporary residence dormitories for refugees from Mariupol.

During the meeting of the Deputy Mayor of city of Mariupol Serhiy Zakharov with the famous Mariupol artist, public figure and representative of the AFUR Charitable Fund Iryna Fedorenko, a Memorandum of Cooperation between the AFUR Charitable Fund and the Mariupol City Council was signed.

“As part of the cooperation agreement between AFUR and the Administration of city of Mariupol, right now AFUR is finishing development of project sketches for dormitories with the purpose of housing refugees from Mariupol. Design is being worked on pro bono by a team of American and Ukrainian architects who understand the importance and necessity of this project. Results of this work will be presented to Mariupol Administration as part of annual observance of City Day. Afterwards our team will move on to the next stage of implementation of these projects.” – report says.
Iryna Fedorenko noted that AFUR (American Fund for Ukrainian Reconstruction) was founded with the purpose of helping restore Ukrainian schools, hospitals, civilian housing and other facilities damaged during the war.

“Our Fund, with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio was granted non-profit status 501 (c)(3) by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) as an organization that provides help during disasters. Location of headquarters in Columbus, Ohio isn’t an accident, as here in the neighboring state, resides the largest Ukrainian diaspora in the USA which dates back to the 19th century.
Our goal is to determine the most essential reconstruction projects in regions affected by war and to raise the necessary funds for completion of as many projects as possible: housing for refugees, reconstruction, designing and construction, participation in creation of general plans for restoration of cities. AFUR consists of professionals who volunteer their time. We work with charity organizations, state institutions, and non-governmental organizations on choosing appropriate projects, providing needed direction, and financing. We are also interested in forging new partnerships and engaging new volunteers”- highlighted Iryna Fedorenko.

As a reminder, the first dormitory for refugees was opened in Dnipro. Right now, second one is undergoing construction there.