Advanced Power Technologies

Advanced Power Technologies (APT) is a leading manufacturer of premium switchgear and switchboards that power industries and facilities around the world! This company is at the forefront of advanced intelligent power system technologies. With deep experience in the field of conventional energy sources (diesel, natural gas, etc.), renewable energy sources and microgrids, peak demand reduction and emergency backup and cogeneration systems, the company is able to offer the best solution in any situation.

Headquartered in Lafayette, Indiana, APT is strategically located in the heartland of the United States, serving both domestic customers and international markets, serving leading companies worldwide. The team of highly skilled solutions engineers has decades of experience working with energy systems, gained from working with some of the largest known companies in various industries, including utilities, data centers, medical facilities, farms, water and wastewater treatment plants, educational institutions and commercial institutions, production.

When it comes to power systems, APT is a reliable partner in achieving excellence. As a customer for leading manufacturers of power equipment parts such as Square D, ABB, LG, Eaton/Cutler Hammer, etc., the company integrates the best components available on the market into the most advanced power management systems. Focusing on indoor and outdoor applications, APT offers a wide range of solutions designed to meet a variety of customer needs.