Kateryna is an architect & owner of architectural bureau. She studied architecture in Kyiv National University of Construction & Architecture in Ukraine. Since her student years, she has demonstrated leading qualities in the project approach & was interested in creating objects of new social functions. She received her master’s degree after defending the project of the “Ukrainian Free University”, the architecture of which demonstrates the freedom of one’s own choice of education and encourages a person of any age to seek education in a high-quality, sustainable environment that forms an important, visible and convenient part of the urban space.

Kateryna joined architectural bureau “S. Babushkin” in 2008 and has worked on a wide range of projects such functions as: residential, public, medical, administrative, office, educational, logistic, trade. She agrees with the need to create sustainable architecture with providing high quality design, implementation, affordability and long-term exploitation. Over 15 years of experience, she has acquired general knowledge of how the design and construction industry works, how the architectural bureau as a business works and enjoys the trust of Ukrainian government and commercial clients being the new owner of the company. She is excellent in organization, supervising, team player, collaboration & analytical skills, she is capable: to collaborate in ensuring the quality and profitability projects; of collaborating in multidisciplinary projects with engineers, technologists, architects & experts. She is willing to work in BIM and innovation environment.

Being very energetic, determined to be successful & able to deal with new or difficult situations easily, Kateryna as go-getter was recruited as a Chairwoman of Disciplinary Commission of Architectural Chamber of National Union of Architects of Ukraine to participate in the resolution of controversial urban planning issues and the activities of architects within the framework of professional ethics as they arise. In which she manages to encourage the parties to reach a consensus.

Kateryna has always had keen interest in teaching and inspiring the next generation of architects and designers. She has teaching experience at the university of which she is a graduate. But also takes care of the extent to which the younger generation of schoolchildren generally understand the city or the urban context, whether they know how to use it & create new demands for the development of the environment. Therefore, she was invited to create a course of lectures and practical classes at the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

For the past 4 years, Kateryna has been actively invited to participate in European grant projects on culture, architecture, research and education. She analyzes together with Ukrainian and foreign colleagues world cases of reconstruction of post-war cities.

She is developing professional international relations and moderating the dialogues regarding the reconstruction of Ukraine. She presents Ukrainian architecture on international cultural platforms, such as International Union of Architects (UIA), Architectural Council of Europe (ACE), La Biennale di Venezia, together with working groups.