Dmytro is an experienced engineer and design manager with over 20 years of experience in architecture and engineering. He has the education of a mechanical engineer and started his career as a designer of building engineering systems. Dmytro is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), a certified project manager (PMP) since 2011 and has been working in architectural & engenereeng company for over 10 years.

Dmytro has worked on numerous projects in the US and abroad, including residential, commercial and public buildings, and industrial facilities. Dmytro managed several projects in Eastern Europe funded by the US government and dedicated to improving security and increasing the capabilities of law enforcement agencies in Eastern European countries. These projects include the Joint Law Enforcement Training Center in Chisinau, Moldova, the Legal Aid Center in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Recently, Dmytro assisted the American company Technics Global (Chicago, USA) and managed several industrial projects for oil refineries and automotive R&D facilities. Projects have included the design, procurement and manufacture of oil blending and refining equipment for major companies such as General Motors, US Oil and Honda Manufacturing USA.

Dmytro has excellent knowledge of the American engineering and design approach, and is also well acquainted with international construction standards and practices. Dmytro has demonstrated strong skills in project management of international teams, which requires coordination between US and foreign offices.